Genesis Comics Vault
You can see what is minting now at


Two of Genesis' driving values are empowering financial freedom for our holders & promoting the betterment of the world through charitable giving. We are leveraging a percentage of the proceeds generated by the comics to reinvest in our community and satisfy both of these goals.


Basic Function
  • 10% of all top-line revenue allocated to the Genesis Vault Wallet (0xA013eE6CAf98bE7d34DcfaE3ed8e7BF9d0A1483A)
  • These funds will be used to fund special projects & invest
  • Profit/loss tracked
  • When an asset is liquidated, the profit will be split among 3 parties
    • 70% allocated to community
    • 20% allocated to the Genesis Charity Wallet (0x33Ed892d2549eC9DF8161895ea56B61D465cBC76)
    • 10% retained by the Vault Wallet to reinvest in more assets
  • The Genesis team will actively seek out partnerships with other projects & influencers in and outside of the community
  • Collaboration pieces will be stored in the Vault Wallet
  • At an appropriate time, these assets will be auctioned
  • 100% of the proceeds generated by crossover art will be donated to charity, as voted on by our holders
Dividend Collection
  • Holder dividends will be allocated to the Rewards Wallet (0xBA9f167Ac6eCCeE6162b12c0Eb46788ceF0b4cD6)
  • A plug-in will be available on to claim or donate your share
  • If assets aren't claimed within claim periods (will be communicated in advance), the entire balance will be sent to the Charity Wallet
You can see what is minting now at
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