IP Token Breakdown
What is the IP Token & How does profit-sharing working with Genesis?


  • Animated 3D Character Card
  • Full ownership of your NFTs
  • 5% rewards share per IP Token
  • Vault Mechanics
  • Holding Rewards
  • 125 total IP Tokens will be available for purchase by the entire NFT community
  • 5 IP Tokens per Character
  • 3 Characters per Drop (15 IP Tokens total)
  • Exclusive access to future content & events
  • Fans will be able to choose which specific characters they wish to purchase
  • Whitelist Private Sale, with a base price of 0.25 ETH
  • Biweekly Drops, starting 9/2/2021


  • All character IP tokens will be in a collection independent of their assets to make tracking their value easier
  • ID of each of the Genesis IP Tokens is tracked and is monitored from wallet to wallet
  • When you sell your IP Token, you sell all of the benefits of holding the Token as well
  • When devs pull ETH from the contract, transactions are automatically triggered distributing earnings to the current holder of Genesis IP Token
  • This will reduce gas fees as compared to a per transaction settlement
You can see what is minting now at https://genesiscomics.io
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