Limited Edition Cover Breakdown
What does the Limited Edition Cover offer?


Limited Covers: Biweekly Drops, starting 9/9/2021
  • HD Cover Art
  • Full ownership of your NFT
  • Vault Mechanics
  • Holder Rewards
  • Access to better Whitelist odds for holder ranks
  • 1998 total Limited Covers will be available per Character, for purchase by the entire NFT community
  • Fans will be able to choose which specific characters they wish to purchase, but covers will be random
  • Varying cover rarity
    • Blooper Edition: 4 total
    • Concept Edition: 20 total
    • Rare (Name Varies) Edition: 420 total
    • Common (Name Varies) Edition: 777 Available
    • Common (Name Varies) Edition: 777 Available
  • Exclusive access to future content & events
  • Fair Distribution, with a base price of 0.02 ETH.
  • 25 per Transaction
  • Each edition will have a secret rare "Signature Variant", included in the counts above
You can see what is minting now at
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