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Genesis Comics consists of 25 unique characters, birthed from written concepts then developed into hand-drawn sketches and digital renders. Great care was taken to host a variety of characters of different cultural backgrounds so that everyone would be able to find a character they can identify with, even if you are an impossibly enormous, planet-eating deity.
We believe that good stories transcend boundaries and connect people around the world. By using comics as our primary medium, we allow individuals with minimal connection to the English language to derive value from and connect with our characters and stunning art.
We at Genesis Comics believe in doing all we can to create a culture that is fair, equal, and ethical. As such, any individual seeking assets, including all members of the Genesis Comics Team, will have to purchase assets on our platform. Our team will never reserve any assets for their own use.
This project is one that its founder and development team believe in completely. Founder & creator @GenesisT17 is listed on the Trademark application and has given up his anonymity because of his commitment to the success of the project. The Genesis Comics Team understands that your time and attention must be earned, and hope that you will enjoy the project as much as its developers do.
From all of us at Genesis Comics, we thank you.
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